Friday, February 26, 2010

Attempting the Kitchen

Alright this one is a tough one for me to really feel like I can get clean...the kitchen.  First it may sound a little silly but before I go to the grocery store every week I go through the fridge a take out any left overs we haven't eaten check the expiration date on things that may have gone bad and straighten up the inside of the fridge and freezer.  Not only does this refresh my memory on what we have on hand but also makes room to place the things from the store.  I read somewhere (I can't remember where) that the fridge should not be packed the flow of air should move throughout and the freezer should be packed to get the most out of your appliance.  I don't know how true that is just thought I'd share that with you.  I also do this in the cabinets.  I'm a firm believer of if you don't use it don't keep it, so we really don't have a lot of extra food in our cabinets.  The next big one for me in the area of the kitchen is the counters.  I really don't like clutter but I struggle b/c I don't want the counters bare.  So at least once I week I rearrange the things I do have on the counter hoping to find the solution to this black cloud that hangs over my kitchen.  For now the best solution for this problem is things we use at least once a day or every other day is on the counter, and it seems to work.  If you haven't already heard of THE FLY LADY you really should check her out at  According the the fly lady you must clean your kitchen not what you are thinking I mean clean it so you see yourself looking back at you in the relection of your sparkling sink.  And I love having my sink clean it does make you feel great about your kitchen.  Hope this helps a little for you to start feeling happy about your kitchen.  Now I must go clean my sink, unfortunately dirty dishes are awaiting me.

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