Saturday, January 29, 2011

Change in the kitchen

Here are some past pictures of how our kitchen looks currently. The problem is I am ready to add some change to the kitchen with paint. The project this weekend is to paint the kitchen. It may be a little tricky but hopefully by Monday I will be able to show you the transformation that I can see in my head!
 So the current color options are a light blue with a grey tone in it...
 This color is called Maine Harbor and I love it! And this the rug I am currently drooling over for the kitchen transformation is this beauty from Target, which is currently on clearance.
Product Image Home Azul Floral Wool Rug - Blue/Brown (25x84") 
  Hopefully I will have a lot to blog about next week after the transformation. I guess I better get to work. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simply Organized

This would definitely be my DREAM become a professional organizer!!!!  Oh yes there are professional organizers out there and maybe just maybe one day I will be one of them!!! So for now here is an awesome blog of a professional organizer in the area were I live:
       Simply Organized of NWA: Eye-pleasing organizing inspiration

Monday, January 24, 2011


I love greenery color in a room!  It can be ferns, flowers, anything greenish, but lately fake greens have been driving my crazy!!!  The only dilemma is...what would go in all the spots in my house that have fake stuff?!?  Certainly not real arrangements b/c  I have a tendency to neglect real greenery.  So the problem has been in mind for a long time and I just haven't figured out what to do just yet...until this weekend.  Seems a little silly to be so excited over a $3.95 purchase that will solve this decorating dilemma.  Well at least for now I think I may be onto a solution, and it is called a "house plant".  And it doesn't require that much attention!
What do you think?  It is REAL!!!  That is not how I intend to leave it sitting on the coffee table.  Last week at Salvation Army I spotted an awesome hurricane glass that would be perfect for it.  So hopefully when I go back they will not have sold it, but if so I am sure there will be another treasure that will work wonders too.  Here is hoping that this plant is the answer to my dilemma and little by little I can replace the old fake stuff with actual real charming "house plants" that require little attention.  Oh and lets hope this plant is still alive in a few days too!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Down

So I can mark one thing off my things to accomplish list!!!  My very sweet mom and dad were so kind to have the kids over for a sleep over so I could paint my room.  AWESOME, therapy!  Well in case you forgot what the room looked like before here you...
I really do like the black, but I felt like it was to much and our house wasn't fancy enough?!  The room never felt completed.  Well after contemplating over several color options finally the winner was GRAVITY by ValSpar.
After working for several hours and then my loving husband taking me target for a few accessories we have a finished product.  Hope you like!
                                                      Now on to another project....

Friday, January 21, 2011


So motivation is definitely the word I am needing for this lovely winter month!  Here it goes...maybe if I put this list down for others to see I will feel the need to be motivated to accomplish what is on it quicker!!!

Goals for my home...
1.  Paint my bedroom and find an awesome comforter that I fall madly in love with.
2.  Organize and get rid of anything that isn't being used.  I feel the need to minimize "stuff".
3.  Save for really cool wallpaper for the living room wall!!! Probably just dreaming on that one.
4.  Enjoy all the imperfections of our home.

This was a super short post and no pictures :(, but hopefully pictures will come soon!