Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend Project

Well, I know it isn't exactly the weekend yet, but I have started my weekend project.  The goal is to accomplish my project so I will be able to Spring Clean next week and blog all about it.
Several months ago I painted my cabinets in the kitchen black.  Since then I have really, really wanted a black circular table and I have been searching high and low for exactly what I had in mind.  The problem was that I  loved my square table and didn't want to sell it.  Then I found exactly what I was looking for and had to sell my square table to be able to get the circle table.  It did go to a great home!

                                Good-bye old table I will miss you!

                       New table that I found on Craigslist.

When I get the project completed I will ask my dear sweet neighbor once again to come over and take pictures so I can show and tell you all about how the weekend project went.  We will see if this project gets completed before the weekend is over. What projects will you be working on over the weekend?  I would love to hear from you!


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  3. I'm excited to see the end results! I hope you will be able to guide a project of mine for the new house. Thank you for coming w/ me to see it yesterday. Your ideas were rockin!

  4. I LOVE the lazy susan in the middle of the table.. so cool. ( Hi, I am Debbie - Emiliee's friend, JP and Nolan's preschool teacher ) LOVE your blog.

  5. Hi Ms Debbie...thanks for looking at the blog. I love your preschool blog too. The lazy-susan is awesome, I didn't know how much I would like it. Have a great day.