Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Confession and Randomness

The confession is this:
The painting isn't finished and  I really HATE dislike that florescent light a lot!!!

Now for the randomness of this post. Today was day #2 of being snowed in and school is also canceled for tomorrow! This is one of my lovelies sitting on the kitchen floor watching me make a craft for one of his friends who turned 18 today. What in the world do you get an 18 year old from a 5 year old. Well the perfect solution was candy!!!
                 And here is the candy gift we made for a friend...
                  Hope you have enjoyed the crazy randomness of this post!


  1. We had TWO of those florescent lights in our kitchen too! We switched them out for track lighting - it was super easy (for Brian :) ) and an inexpensive fix! It totally changed the look in the kitchen!

  2. That is soooooooo on my list of things to do quickly!!! Maybe I should drop a hint to Don for a Valentine's gift. :)

  3. I LOVE it!! I know a certain 18 year old who will love it too :)