Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Plan

I thought I would be painting the bathroom or almost done at this point well a change of plans!
Have I ever told you I LOVE craigslist? In the back of my head I have been looking for the perfect bed for my daughter's room and you guessed I found it! You want to know the even better part? I have the cash saved for it and it is something I was prepared to keep searching for! The intention for my daughter's room is elegance. To get to that point I will have to patiently wait to stumble upon the things I would like for her room. For now I am so excited I can begin the process with the awesome find off craigslist! Here it is:
It is a double size sleigh bed!! And no I do not intend to leave it looking like this. Super excited to pick it up and start painting away! The goal is to have the room complete and  somewhat put together over the next few weeks so stay tuned for the changes!

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