Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome to A Happy Heart

Okay I finally decided to start a blog, hope you enjoy. I'm not good with correct grammer, spelling, etc... but hopefully you will get the idea. There are so many thoughts that go through my head and so many things I'd love to share with others so that is why I decided to try blogging. I mainly started this blog to help those out in blogging world have a happy heart about something I absolutely love and that is cleaning. I know that is odd to most but I love to clean. Oh and lets not forgot organizing I love that too! Until I can figure how to get my camera linked to my computer to post pictures I won't be much help but I will do my best. So what can you clean today?
Each day, even if my house is in a complete mess I find it most helpful to start in the bedroom. If the bed is not made my entire day is a mess. Yes weird I know, but I at least do my best to get the bed made, even if it is one of those days that the bed doesn't get made until the day is almost over I still try to make it! That way at least one area is clean and tidy and you can work from that. It also doesn't help for me that the front door looks directly into the bedroom. Well, I guess that is a good thing, gives me more motivation to get it done quickly in the morning. Hope this was helpful and please stick with me as I learn the ends and outs of blogging!


  1. I can always use helpful hints and tips on how to be organized. Cleaning tips too. When I have a clean, organized room or work area...I feel great...I can think better.....Love this blog...More to come....thanks LaNelle.
    happy heart follower,
    Sue Sue

  2. i like to clean too....i also feel the same way about keeping the bed made!!! looking forward to your blog!