Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's under your bed?

Please bare with me through this blogging experience. I'm not really sure if I should post every day or every other day. Anyway I was thinking of the last post and I thought this helpful tip may help you along with making the bed. Well, here it you know what is under your bed? I know nobody ever sees under your bed but if I have stuffed stuff under my bed I know it and it bothers me. I try to keep things very minimal under the bed. At the moment under our bed is 3 storage boxes one for each child and one for me to save things I think the may want when they get older. Also there is a bedspread set for when I get tired of the one that is on my bed and want to change the look of our room. It also helps for rearranging which I like to do a lot b/c you never really realize how dirty under your bed can get until you go to move around the furniture and it looks like you haven't cleaned in years. Anyway hope that tip will be helpful to you and make you happy. So lets go organize and clean under our beds! I know this post would be much more enjoyable with pictures...bare with me. Thanks so much.


  1. I have two containers with things in it from 4 years ago when I moved here from N.C. I just can not throw it away. For I am a big time sentalmentalist (SP). I also have a boot box... Guess I have some cleaning to do....I will save it for tomorrow....Thanks for the tip.
    Happy heart follower,

  2. Thanks for the tip in cleaning under your bed...I did this week, and ended up rearranging my room...I like it....thanks
    Happy heart follower

  3. Hi LaNelle's Julie. Thanks for sharing your tips ...I look forward to reading more on your blog. By the way quickly can you be at my house for some fall cleaning ??!?

  4. I echo the above comment from Julie. Lanelle is the one to call for advise on cleaning, design, and organizing...