Thursday, October 29, 2009

When is to early to decorate?

Well, it has been a few days since the last tip and I am not sure how I'm doing with this blog idea but I am enjoying it so for now I will keep blogging. Anyway here is a question for early is to early to decorate for Christmas? Christmas is by far my most favorite time of the year. From the smells of Christmas to family togetherness and the celebration of Jesus' birth, I love it all. According to my husband what makes Christmas so special is the fact that you anticipate it all year and it comes and you celebrate and then its gone. You cherish the short season of Christmas. Well to me on the other hand I don't feel that way. Let me just tell you I already have my Christmas trees up. I am not completly done decorating but everything I could get out of the attic on my own I have gotten, but I have to wait until Novemeber 1st for help from my husband. Back to the question how early is to early to decorate?
All that to say as I prepared for setting up each Christmas tree I had to make sure each room was clean first. It would of drove my crazy to put up a Christmas tree in the middle of a messy room. This is how I like to go about cleaning a room. It really works if you need to clean really good or just touch up. First I start at the very begining of the room, where you first step your foot in. I just pick up anything that is out of place or scrub from that starting point and move throughout the room that way. It kinda gives me a start and finish point. Silly I know but I like specific detail instruction, although I HATE to read instructions I'd rather look at something and figure it out on my own. If that makes any sense at all, I guess it works best for me to have begining and an end to cleaning a room. So for now hope that makes your heart happy as you clean today. Oh and as soon as I figure out my camera I'll post some Christmas tree pictures.

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  1. Since reading this blog ...I cleaned under my bed, which led to changing my room around. Then on to organizing all my stamps in my closet. My hobby is making home-made stamped cards-to be honest...I am still working on my closet....I feel I am off to a good start in having a happy heart in cleaning.

    My question in getting ready for the the kitchen...How to be organized in the kitchen. I love a clean kitchen....How does one keep a clean kitchen!!! Happy Heart followers...any suggestions!!!