Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Heart Painting

To be honest I really don't heart painting, I heart the end result of painting.
I finally did it!!!!  The wall in my bedroom is now black and I love it!  Something in my bedroom just didn't seem right.  I have got rid of clutter, cleaned from top to bottom, moved a few things around and it still didn't seem to work.  Now all is okay with the wall painted black.  Paint can dramatically change the look of a room and is a lot cheaper than new furniture, a new comforter, or well just about anything.  Now my room feels so clean and crisp and I am so happy.  Do you have somewhere in your home that feels a little dingy and you can't get clean no matter how hard you try?  What about putting some paint on it?  It really doesn't have to be just a wall.  Paint can suprisingly change the overall look of anything from furniture to decorations and of course the wall.  What can you paint today?

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