Thursday, March 18, 2010

Found Treasures...

Yes, I spotted these awesome red lockers on the side of the road.  Believe It, it is TRUE!!!  Now I have to give credit to my mom because she is the one who called and asked if they were up for the taking. The man who lived were I spotted the lockers said "sure for $20 bucks".  We were driving to my parents for an afternoon lunch and I spotted these treasures on the side of the road and new I had to have them for my son's room.  If you have ever priced these bad boys at pottery barn kids you know they aren't cheap.  Well, I am here to say these beauties were cheap and they were already painted red!  It was not a yucky red either, it was a perfect Razorback Red!!!   Someone's junk is my treasure, all you really need is a little elbow grease!!!  You know it is about garage sale season again and wow the treasures you can mind is spinning.  So I leave with you a picture of a few of my treasures that have found a happy home in my son's room. 
Yes, these are the lockers found for $20 bucks.  The baseballs on top were free ~thanks papa! Just look around your softball/baseball fields and you'll find several balls that have been hit over the fence or just left behind.  The bench the tv is on was in my friends garage sale and nobody bought it so guess what???  She gave it to me!

This is a glove we found at a garage sale but it was to small and the bat was free because it had a crack in it.  So why not create a window treatment?!?!

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