Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Clean Tip

It's that wonderful time of year...Spring Cleaning Time.  What does that mean to you?  To me it is a an awesome opportunity to rearrange, organize, redecorate, and reduce the items in our home that aren't being used.  Oh and clean, clean, clean.  It is a great chance to make a list of what you want to accomplish and begin to prioritize your goals of your home.  For myself the kitchen is a biggie.  First I take out things that I haven't used in and could live without.  You could start a pile for a garage sale and earn a few bucks off your unwanted stuff.   This prompts me to organize and maximize the space.  Then I begin to clean.  I pull out the stove, fridge, and go to town scrubbing.  Take things out of drawers and cabinets and clean them inside and out.  I still have to say my most favorite cleaning solution is the faithful homemade solution of vinegar/water/borax and dish soap.  Lately, I have used straight vinegar and water, then the other homemade solution.  I know the smell of vinegar is completely overwhelming, but that is where a scentsy comes in so handy!  Last I redecorate the space and viola you have a super clean, new, organized, refreshing springy space.  I guess I have no super secret tip on how to spring clean but this is what I like to do to re-energize a space in my house to make it new.
It would be so wonderful if my appliances were not such a lovely color white. Maybe if I go through enough stuff I don't use in my house I will have one heck of a garage sale and replace the appliances. Until that happens please overlook the appliances along with the counter tops that maybe one day will be butcher block.  Oh and the fab sink, that to is on the never ending wish list to be a big, deep, farm sink. 
Isn't it fun to have a wish list?!


  1. K 11

    What does that mean? :)

  2. I would of taken that out of the picture but I don't know how to edit stuff. Anyway my kids earn points to be able to use the computer, PlayStation, or go to sonic, etc... so that is were I keep the tally of the points, so they can see the points. Its the letter of each of their names. Have a great day!