Thursday, March 4, 2010

MckLinky Chalkboards

This is my first ever MckLinky post, I am still figuring out exactly what that means or how to do it but from what I understand so far someone can blog and other blogs can link up and show what they have done. If you haven't heard of The Nester well you are totally missing out so you have to check out The Nester blog at you will LOVE it. All that to say when I read she was having a MckLinky party about chalkboard paint I decided to give it a try and well thanks for being patient with me through the learning experience of blogging. Now I will quit rambaling and show you the Chalkboard Headboard...
This picture is so not a picture of cleanliness perfection, but oh well some days are just not to perfection.

Anyway I love chalkboard paint! Not just because it is black and for now black is my favorite color but because the possibilities are endless, just check out all the inspiration from The Nester! Well hope you liked seeing me in my cleanliness imperfection, I will get my act together before the next post. Until then I would love to hear from you.

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