Friday, March 5, 2010

Facebook Post

Well I admit I do get on facebook daily to keep caught up I guess.  Normally I may send someone a message every now and then.  So posting in my status is very rare or commenting on someone elese's status is very rare for me to do also until last night.  A friend posted a cleaning question and I automatically replied and loved every minute of it!  I didn't even think twice about how my reply may sound.  All that leads me to share with you the question of the day...
What to use when cleaning your floor? 
In my opion I absolutley love Murphy Oil Soap.  Once a week I will clean on my hands and knees the floor.  I use a method of sectioning off the area in my head and work section by section.  Not only does it smell awesome but it cleans great and the in between cleanings throughout the week are very managable.  Throughout the week I like to use the amazing Wet Jet w/Febreeze Cleaner for multi-surface floors, it smells divine.  What do you like to use on your floors?


  1. I don't have anything good to recommend for floors....hands and knees with a damp rag or the swiffer with a wet pad on it. Love your blog and pictures of your house! I have been hearing what a good decorator you are from Elisa and now I can see for myself!

  2. Just found your blog as we were looking at our own blog visit that came from your blog. You are quite a decorator. Your house looks great!.
    Thanks for following Vicki's journey.

    Kerwin and Vicki Dees