Monday, March 8, 2010

A Closed Door = Extra Space

In our home the laundry room is one of the very first rooms you see as you walk through the front door.  I don't know why but I really dislike closed doors inside of a house.  I feel like they are hiding something and make the area look small and dirty.  I don't know why I know that sounds completly strange.  So I could just keep our laundry room door closed and never have to worry about people seeing inside but I don't want a closed door. The laudry room or laundry area is like an extra space in your house so why not decorate it a little?

I really have thought about painting the inside of the laundry room but for now this is what it looks like.  Also some matching storage baskets would be great all sitting on the top shelf, but for now I will be patient and make do with the lonely basket I have.   

What does your laundry room look like?


  1. You don't even want to know what mine looks like...but soon...God willing...we will be in our new house and the utility room will store ALL our more clothes in our rooms, maybe just the basic under-roos and jammies...I'm tired of toting laundry. Why not take it out of the dryer and store it immediately? I LOVE your home! Great point about the clothed doors, and now you know why ALL my doors are closed...I'm hiding everything!

  2. Very cute laundry room! Love the lamp! I am glad I found your fun! You are talented!

  3. wow...that is the most beautiful laundry room!