Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where can you put a tassel?

I fell in love with some tassels that  "the Nester" created at http://www.thenester.com/.  Anyway I attempted to make my own creation of a tassel. Let me tell you that you will love having tassels in your home.  They add an extra decoration in an unexpected place.  I have given a few tassels as gifts and people give me the look of... thanks so much but what am I going to do with this!?  So I thought I give you some ideas of exactly where you can put a tassel...
1.  Basically Anywhere
2.  On a Lamp Switch
3.  Door Knob
4.  Cabinet Knob
5.  Toliet Flusher Knob
6.  Curtain Rod
7.  Ceiling Light
8.  Coat Rack
Here are some examples of tassels in our home...

Off the Ceiling Fan Light

Closet Door Knob b/c yes this door has to stay closed

This is just some ideas and really the places are endless.  So in answer to the question:
Where can you put a tassel?  Anywhere


  1. what a great idea I LOVE IT!!!!! My daughter gave me one now I know just what to do with it thank you Happy Heart for sharing lw

  2. I put tassels everywhere....Love them..Had a few hours to blog hop tonight......so glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....

  3. Lovely tassles and post..thanks for sharing!