Friday, April 9, 2010

New Door Knobs

Have you ever wondered if you could paint the ever so popular gold fixtures, door knobs, and anything else that outdated color gold in your home?  I am not a fan of the gold fixtures but maybe you are and that is great! I'm just saying the gold in my house was causing me to loose sleep at night.

This is a picture of what my door knobs use to look like:
I know the picture is not as awesome as the ones my neighbor can take but I tried.  My neighbor was so kind to let me borrow her other camera so I would be able to take and post pictures all by myself.  ~Thanks
                                        Viola, this is how they look now:

Now I am able to sleep at night now.  It has been about two weeks since I did the majority of door knobs and  I just finished this past week and I couldn't be more pleased at how they have held up and the difference it has made to our home.  Originally I was going for a more bronze antique look but I grabbed the wrong can of spray paint.  Once I decide to do something I am not very patient so I didn't want to return the spray paint so I just used the color brown I grabbed and I liked it, so I kept going.
Here is what I used:
First I took the door knobs off and the plate that is on the door frame.  I left the inside of the door knob in the door.  Then I took the front and back of the door knob along with the plate thing and the screws and lightly sanded them with just a sheet of sandpaper I had.  Then I used the Kilz primer spay paint.  The key is light coats of spray paint, and several coats.  Also a common mistake is getting to close and spraying and that will leave drips of paint.  So stand back and spray a thin coat.  Then let dry and do it again until the entire surface is covered.  Next repeat the same process with the color you pick, in my case it was the brown.  I also got the spray paint that said could be used on metal and outdoor surfaces just because I thought that would be good for the durability.  Finally I just sprayed one thin coat of clear to seal it all.  Make sure that every step your spray paint is good and dry.  I also did the same process on the screws.  Oh and to remove and put the door knobs back I used an old fashion hand held screw driver, not an electric one because I tried electric and it rubbed the door knob and I was afraid it would take off the paint.  Well there you have it.  Let me know if you try this and how you like the great upgrade it makes for your home!  In conclusion to my question, Can you use paint on a door knob or fixture?  Yes you can!

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  1. Don't forget that since the door knobs were off we did get locked out...haha! They look great though!